Mini Stoneware Advertising JugsBy

Mini Stoneware Advertising Jugs

A Kansas City potter created miniature stoneware advertising jugs virtually identical to old originals.

Blue lettering and artwork appeared on handled jugs in solid white, brown top over white or sponged blue. Unlike cheaply made mass produced mini jugs, the Kansas City pieces were individually wheel thrown, not cast. Lettering and artwork is all under glaze. Size for the model shown is a consistent 3″ to 3¼″ tall.

Jugs were available on custom order basis for $18 each per order of 50 pieces. There were other shapes of stoneware available for custom lettering include a bank jug and various other pieces.

The pottery sold sample jugs with their own "Compliments of..." stamp at various bottle shows and pottery conventions for $25-$35. Once these samples arrive in the open market, they could easily be represented as pieces of advertising from an "old" pottery. There never was an old Painter Pottery Works.

The other possible problem is that unscrupulous sellers will order new jugs with old and collectible brand names and trademarks. Although the pottery company itself is perfectly ethical and legitimate, it cannot be expected to recognize and edit every name or trademark sent in with new orders.

The bottoms of all new Painter pieces we saw were stamped in black ink as shown below.


These miniature stoneware jugs were available for custom advertising. These samples are 3″ tall and are marked with the pottery company's name. Advertising on the sides appears in light blue under glaze. The stamp on the bottom of the jug is in black ink.

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