New Bakelite from old stockBy

A closer look at new Bakelite from old stock

Many pieces of Bakelite were carved from blanks of old stock. Shown here is a 1¾″ wide red Bakelite bracelet recently carved from old stock. This piece sold in a mail order catalog for $100. An authentic vintage piece of similar size, color and carving would be worth $250-$350.

Although some tool marks are generally considered a desirable sign of handwork on vintage pieces, there is a super abundance of tool marks on most newly carved pieces. Visible tool marks on originals almost always appear in hidden areas or back sides of pieces. Tool marks on other areas of original are usually polished out.

Tool marks on the this new piece (see below) are very obvious, rough and unpolished. The unpolished carved designs are a dull gray and are in stark contrast to the surrounding surface. The deep grinding marks are often visible with the unaided eye, and they are easily seen with a 10X loupe.



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