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Imitation - A Closer Look at Bronze Sculpture

Sculpture by almost every important artist is widely available as a reproduction complete with artist signatures. Widely offered and represented as bronze, almost all these new sculptures are cast iron or zinc. The vast majority are poor quality, low priced mass produced objects made in China for antique reproduction wholesalers and decorators worldwide. More and more often, these imitations are being mistaken as originals through online sales and absentee bidding. Knowing just a few basic facts will protect you from virtually all the mass produced copies.

New Pairpoint Owl lamp

The owl is probably the rarest of Pairpoints blown out or puffy lamp shades. The matching figural owl metal base is also one of the rarest Pairpoint bases. A new version of the shade and base is being made in India and has been in the market since late 2000.

Imitations and Knock-offs of Art Nouveau Lamps

Reproductions of Art Nouveau lamps and lighting have been around for many years. Most have been made with inexpensive pot metal bases and sold without matching shades.

New tin toys with old Lehmann mark

Marks of genuine factories and companies have appeared on reproductions of china, pottery and reproductions for some years. Now the mark of one of the most famous makers of tin toys, Lehmann, is being found on reproductions and knockoffs. The new toys on which the marks appear are also copied from specific Lehmann originals.

New Jadite Kitchen Glass

New pitchers were produced that look very similar to vintage Jadeite Anchor Hocking and Fire-King pitchers in Pillar Optic pattern, often called Melon. The new pitchers were made in China and imported by Gibson. The only marking is a white paper label.

Look at mark on new Disney toys

A new group of Disney character toys designed to look like vintage 1930s toys is currently being imported from China.

Recent Fakes and Reproductions of Collectible Brand Names

What's in a name? If it's the right name, big bucks. Perfectly ordinary tools, kitchenwares, and common household items that wouldn't normally raise an eyebrow can skyrocket blood pressures when marked "Griswold", "Winchester", "Keen Kutter", or "Old Sleepy Eye".

Breyer horse and rider copied

Original molds were used to reissue a classic duo from Breyer's Horse and Rider series originally made during the 1950's.

Yes... bulldog humidor is new

ACRN has received over a dozen letters about this 8″ × 6″ ceramic bulldog humidor.

New Cast Iron Bookends

These cast iron bookends weigh a hefty five pounds each. But don't be fooled; they're new.