Searching for Porcelain & Pottery (138)

New Porcelain Figural Stein

This 6 high porcelain skull stein is currently being offered by a gift importer. A description says it is made from an original mold. Its handle is a figural human bone; several of the teeth are gold colored; it has an inlaid lid.

Rookwood Tile Copied

Reproduction Rookwood tile available for $50 through mail order catalog. Multi-color, high gloss glaze. Rabbits beneath a tree. North Prairie tile works, Rookwood faience

New Majolica Pitchers

Six new majolica pitchers have recently been introduced by a New York based importer. They range in height from 5-6 and are decorated in period colors of bright blue, green, mauve, rose and yellows. Like original Victorian majolica, patterns of the new are also based on motifs from nature. These include a heron, flowers, ferns and snail shells. New pieces are slip cast and have holes on the inside where handles join the pitcher.

Roseville La Rose Pattern Reproduced

At least one shape of Roseville La Rose pottery is currently being reproduced. It is the 9 handled vase shown above with a RV mark on the base (Fig. 3). This shape copies the original La Rose catalog shape 242.

New Game Plates and Portrait Pieces

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, a great number of new game plates and portrait pieces were imported into the United States by reproduction wholesalers and giftware distributors. Many of these new pieces had marks which were then, and now, easily confused with marks on old game and portrait plates. This article will review some of the most common decorations and marks used on these confusing pieces.

Little Red Riding Hood Pottery Reproductions

Reproductions of Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) pottery have been filtering into the market for at least two to three years.

New Majolica Rabbit Tray & Original Majolica Marks

This new majolica tray features nibbling rabbits surrounded by tomato vines and stalks of celery with heads of lettuce for a border. Designs are molded in high relief; entire piece in a medium forest green. Generally well made with good mold detail and a fully glazed back side. These once were made in Portugal; marked Zrike-Portugal. Retail price once was around. $22.00. No other new pieces known in this pattern. French, Portugal, Majolica Marks, Gien Faience, H Boulinger, Poterie Caffin, Sarraguemines Pottery, Saint Clement, Bourgeois, Page & Co.

Fantasy Limoges Mark on Plates Made in China

A fantasy Limoges backstamp has just starting appearing on porcelain reproductions made in China. The new backstamp, is in gold.

Staffordshire Copies from China

A major wave of new Staffordshire figures made in China is now flowing through the U.S. as well as international markets. Unlike many previous reproductions which were only slip cast, the new Chinese products are true pottery and are hand made in a similar style as old.

Fake Royal Dux

This 16 vase with Art Noveau nude is back in the market this time with a fake Royal Dux mark. It first appeared in 1997 with a fake Roseville mark.